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Why We Collect Bottles
I started collecting bottles as a child.  It was the first souvenir I ever purchased.  It was a dulcimer from the Grand Ole Opry.  It still proudly sits on my shelf.  I am not sure why I decided that bottles would be my souvenir piece instead of a t-shirt.  Nor did I know that it would be the one the one thing that I would avidly collect throughout my life.   I think it was because they were affordable, they come in so many shapes, sizes, and colors, and when the light shines through a row of bottles on a windowsill, they can make you smile!

I have collected bottles for almost 40 years now.  I collected bottles like you acquire art----just because you like it.  I never set out to be an expert on bottles or to market and trade bottles.  But alas,  my husband  came home with a huge bottle collection for me.   In order to figure out what was in my windfall, I began to research.  He helped me in the endeavor.  He became "bit by the bottle bug". 

We have enjoyed documenting this bottle collection.  We are glad that we can join the ranks of so many that know the difference between  a "blob top", an applied finish, or a tooled finish.  Or, the difference between a demijohn, a flask, a figural, or a pontieled bottle.     We are not experts but we have learned so much and hope to learn more.  If you see errors in our listings,  please let us know.
Hours of research have been given to this bottle collection.  We are selling part of our bottle collection at a fair price. We have to tried provide adequate information for you to verify our prices. 
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