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Our Bottle Collection
We have been collecting bottles for almost 40 years (See about us)  Our Online Store is our attempt to properly document our antique bottle collection.   Our total collection is over 400 anitque bottles and jars.  Most of our bottles are from the 1800's.  We are continuously adding bottles to our store. Register and receive our "Old Bottle Press" when we update our inventory. The information below is a summary of what you may find in the store.

Condition of Bottles

The antique bottle collection contains some dug bottles and as a result may require cleaning, may have scratches, or may have chips.  We have documented the condition of our bottles. Most of our bottles have nice bubbles which help document the age.

Manufacturing of Bottles

How a bottle was manufactured can determine a lot about its age.  Our bottles are pontiled, 3-piece mold, blown in mold, and manufactured.   Antique bottles have a variety of finishes including blob tops, rolled lip, applied finish, tooled finish, and manufactured with screw-top lids.   The bottom of the bottle also defines the manufacturing of bottles.   There can be iron-pontiled or sand pontiled.  The bottle can also determine what the bottle contained.  For example, a kick-up bottom usually contained champagne or wine.   

Bottle Types

Bottle types are defined by what they contained.  Bottles have been the containers of choice since the 1300's.  Our bottle collection includes medicine and cure bottles, bitters, liquor bottles, soda bottles. perfume, pickle and other food jars, milk, pepper sauce, household and industry products.

Bottle Styles

Our bottle collection includes flasks, demijohns, sodas, cylindricals, figurals, lady's leg, jars, 12-sided, ribbed, cathedrals, and ink wells

Colors of Bottles

The colors of bottles are varied.  Our bottle color categories have been limited to amber, aqua, clear, cobalt blue, and green.  We may add  black glass and red glass as our documentation continues.
Hours of research have been given to this antique bottle collection.
We have tried to provide adequate information for you to verify our prices. 
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