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Research Links

There is so much to know when determining the historic and monetary value of a bottle. While appealing, many cobalt blue bottles are common. Medicines and cures bottles sometimes were made for many years. So is that Dr. Kilmer's Swamp Root from the 1880's or from the 1900's. What makes a bottle an antique bottle? Normally an antique is 100 years old. When determining the value of a bottle the age is very important. However, the scarcity is also very important. The natural color of glass is aqua but bottles can be amber, cobalt, blue, green and many other colors.

Below are links that we have found to be helpful for determining the age and value of antique bottles including mineral waters, liquor, bitters, medicine and cures, spirits, and food jars.

Antique Bottle Collector's Haven - A very good antique bottle site with links to specific areas such as cures, medicines, liquor, and many more.

Historic Glass Bottle Identification & Information Website - This site is run by the BLM Bureau of Land Management - The best I have found for dating antique bottles.

Antique Bottle Forums - A great place to get together with other collectors, ask questions, get answers, proudly display your new finds.

Treasure Hunting News - Were you digging for bottles and you ran across something else sitting next to that Antique Hostestter's Bottle? Treasure Hunting News contains plenty of resources to research that Civil War Relic or that antique coin. Or, do you want to know where to dig next?

for further research check out these books

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